I started private yoga sessions with Heidi over a year ago when I had some shoulder problems. Now after working successfully through my initial problem, I have discovered many more benefits from yoga especially as taught by as accomplished and nurturing a teacher as Heidi. Each time we meet she skillfully takes me through a well balanced range of movements and strength building yoga poses, and she does so firmly, but also gently and with good humor. As a result, i am seeing improvements in my health while actually enjoying the process!
— M.K; Architect
Heidi instinctively understands the human body, mind and spirit so well, that every private lesson is custom fit to address whatever is getting in the way of joy and health. Breath and body awareness, as well as strength and mobility is allowing me to embrace my life with new vitality and spirit. Heidi is a true yogi, living what she believes, and gifting her students with her wisdom, talent and most of all heart.
— G.M; CEO
Heidi’s teaching is so much more than the physical practice of yoga. Her devotion to yoga as a way of life brings deeper understanding to each asana, and to the flow of movements. I always end class wishing it would go on and on, and taking with me a flame ignited from within. Her classes are as challenging as you want them to be, with much encouragement given for expanding from where you are, at your own pace. Being in Heidi’s classes (one week is not enough!) brings light and love to the rest of my week.
— Kristine